About Us

Saffron & Grey is a full-service florist, proudly specializing in weddings, events, and daily floral. Each custom-made arrangement reflects our quirky, natural, and uncontrived aesthetic and contains only the freshest, most premium flowers.

Sisters Layla and Abby Olson, owners of Saffron & Grey Couture Floral Design in Duluth, were born and raised in northern Minnesota where they were introduced to botany at a very early age. "Our parents were naturalists before being a naturalist was cool." Layla says. They would often explore the varied flora and fauna of their native Cook, MN, instilling in them a deep love and appreciation for the outdoors.

Heeding the call of higher learning, Layla moved to Duluth in 1999, with Abby following suit in 2004. Throughout college, both women worked at a local floral shop where they learned to merge their love of nature with their stylish aesthetic. After gaining a combined ten years of floral design experience, they left the industry to toil away at their "grown-up jobs." It didn't take long to realize something was missing. They spent countless hours looking at floral, fashion, and wedding blogs, further honing their collective eye for design and fueling the desire to have a studio of their very own. In July of 2011, Saffron & Grey Couture Floral Design was born.

*Our shop dog Faline was adopted on Valentine's Day of 2013. She spends her days blissfully napping and receiving copious amounts of attention, treats, and love.