Small Local Businesses - Big Aspirations Part II

As a small business in Duluth, we have a preference for locally made goods & we absolutely love supporting fellow local businesses & stocking our shop with their wares! We wanted to share with you some of their aspirations and how/why their business started. Check out our interview with head designer Karley, with Karley Rose Design. Be sure to stop into the shop to check out all of her quippy designs, perfect for any occasion!

What are your thoughts about being a small business owner in Duluth, MN?

·       I absolutely love it! There is so much collaborative energy and community of small businesses and startups. Duluth is really up and coming and I’m so thankful to be a part of this beautiful community.

What got you involved or interested in being a small business owner in Duluth, MN?

·       I have the need to create. I don’t like to be bored. Combine those two things and wah-lah! Design, paper and ink all have a special place in my heart. Print is not dead even in this digital age, it just has a new positioning in our society. I wanted to create a piece of functional art (greeting cards!) that would be used to make people smile. My little cards are the perfect vehicle for your nice thoughts.

 Any advice for people beginning or thinking about starting a small business not only in Duluth, but anywhere?

·       Hang out in fun places. Go to all of the events around town that interest you. You will totally run into like minded people who share your creative passions. It is great to be connected to your “market” before you try to start pumping out products or services for them.

 What is your favorite Karley Rose Card that you have made?

·       I really am proud of the “you are my favorite type of fruitcake” card, which was available in a Christmas multi-pack. That card packs both the sassy and lovable punch that I really find charming.

·       “Your booty don’t need explainin’" definitely is a crowd favorite... Even with a fleshy booty illustration. I love that this one is a top seller.

 If you were to create a perfect team of only 4 people to help run your company, what traits would you look for in them?

·       Right now it is just me, the help of my printer, and the occasional help of my fiancé. If I were looking to add to my team I definitely would first look for their creative energy. I also wouldn’t mind someone with some biz cred. I’d rather be drawing booty’s and fruitcakes than crunching numbers.

 What is your favorite hidden gem in the Twin Ports area - Why?

·       New London Cafe! That Hawks Ridge french toast platter…. omg.