Meet the Olsons

Abby and Layla Olson are the co-owners/lead designers for Saffron & Grey Couture Floral Design in Duluth, MN. The sisters' floral design work has been featured in such publications as Minnesota Bride, Ruffled Blog, and Lavender Magazine, to name a few. 

How long have you been in business?

Layla: "Next summer will mark our 4th year at Saffron & Grey, during which we've completed over 500 weddings and countless events."

Abby: "Personally, I've been in the floral industry since 2005."

Layla: "And I started in 2003. Between the two of us, we have almost twenty years of floral design experience."

Obviously the floral industry is very palette-driven. What are your favorite colors?

A: "It's a three-way tie between dusky peach, rose gold, and grey."

L: "An emerald-y moss or dusky teal."

Do you have a favorite flower or plant?

L: "It's so hard to choose, but right now, I'm loving helleborus and blooming smoke bush."

A: "Astrantia and dappled willow."

What are your favorite trends right now, both personally and professionally?

L: "We're both obsessed with gold spray paint (laughs). But really, anything gold. We love geometric elements, and using natural objects as accents. Things like geodes, for example. Personally, I also love the return of craft cocktails. 

A: "Professionally, we tend toward less contrived designs, more free-form. Personally, I love plaids and denim. I'd say we both favor a modern take on classics, rather than all-out trends."

Cats or dogs?

L: "Both. And chickens."

A: "Definitely both."

Describe your style. 

A: Very classic American, a little bit preppy. I love things that are nautical-inspired. Duluth Pack and Sperry Top-Sider are my go-tos for accessories.

L: "I'm a lot more bohemian. More Stevie Nicks than Jackie O. "

Beverage of choice?

A: Iced coffee. And local beer. 

L:  Coffee, tea, and gin. 

What's your favorite part about your job?

L: "I love the natural materials and being able to make things with my hands all day. And the creative collaborations we get to be a part of are amazing." 

A: "Our clients and customers really make the job. Going to networking events, working with our brides and grooms, just meeting new people in general; we're really lucky to get the chance to spend every day with the people that we do."